Thermal Interface Materials

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Thermal Interface Products

Henkel, under the brand names LOCTITE® and BERGQUIST®, has developed a complete portfolio of high-performance, user-friendly thermal Interface products. Effective management of heat is an increasing issue in Inverter and Power Electronics applications. As products such as IGBT’s and SiC modules become smaller, the need to dissipate damaging heat effectively is greater than ever.

Of course, each application has unique requirements, which is why Henkel has formulated a comprehensive range of thermal management materials to suit a variety of current and future heat control needs.

Thermal Materials

  • Thin Pads
  • Phase-Change Materials
  • Greases and Pastes.


For the mounting of Power Electronic modules such as IGBT’s, SiC, Thyristors or Diodes. Thermal Pads can be produced to fit the exact device footprint offering many advantages;

  • Low thermal Conductivity between device baseplate and heatsink.
  • Improved quality and reliability from consistent, repeatable mounting processes.
  • Reduced production time and easy handling.
  • Range of different materials and properties available.
  • Phase-change pads have no need to re-tightened after assembly.
  • Removal of messy paste application processes from production environments.
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