Simulation Tools

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Power Module Loss Simulator (Melcosim)

This is a simulation software designed for the power loss calculation with MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC power modules under customers specific application conditions (2-level*1 and 3-level*2 inverter circuit) and for junction temperature rises as a consequence of power loss.

*1:  3-phase and 2-phase PWM modulation, chopper control.

*2:  Neutral pointed clamped circuit.


        Select-A-Fuse® Online

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              R-Tools Heatsink Modeling Online 

              MERSEN's innovative R-Tools GEN II makes it easy to quickly and accurately provide you a solution for your project. R-Tools GEN II is completely interactive and available online 24/7. Enter the boundary conditions for your project and the tool will choose a heatsink that best fits your criteria. Built on a powerful engine, the software provides detailed solutions with minimal time and allows users to create the thermal design of the heatsink with the optimization of the electrical and manufacturing elements prior to any prototype builds and testing. This invaluable resource reduces design time and increases the reliability in your finished product.