Pressed Fin Heatsinks (Swaged)

Mersen pressed fin heatsinks

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Pressed Fin Hestink

MERSEN air cooled heatsinks come in a variety of sizes and materials. The Fabfin® design incorporates a patented swaging technology so that the fins are mechanically secured to the base plate, eliminating the need for less efficient bonding or gluing agents.

Hollowfin® and Fabfin® Air Cooled Heatsinks

The Fabfin® heatsink stands out from ordinary extruded types by increasing surface area and performance. Using a swaging process means a variety of higher fins densities and height-to-space ratio can be used. The Hollowfin® heatsink uses the same technology but the fins are doubled per fin slot to  increase their density on the baseplate further.

  • Multiple fins joined to baseplate by swaging process
  • Metal to metal construction. Al/Al Cu/Al Cu/Cu
  • No epoxy/glue used in fabrication process
  • Extremely robust fabrication
  • No thermal barrier at fin to baseplate joint
  • Fin height to spacing ratio much greater than extrusion
  • -40C to + 350C storage and operating range
  • Capable of withstanding various shock and vibrations
  • All Copper Heatsinks version available


Dual Base Air Cooled Heatsinks

Dual base plate air cooled heatsinks (MERSEN patented) increase fin efficiency with all aluminium or copper / aluminium assemblies. Mixed metal fin arrangements as well as dissimilar baseplates are available. Standard fin height, thickness and spacing are available but few mechanical constraints limit height, width, spacing or thickness of assembly. No glue is used in the process.

  • Increased performance
  • Increased fin efficiency by up to 30%
  • Mixed metals can be used
  • Applications
  • Increased performance
  • Mixed metals can be use


Embedded Heat Pipe Air Cooled Heatsinks

Typical applications combine the high performance of Fabfin®  and the heat spreading of heat pipes. High heat flux in concentrated areas can be spread across a heatsink by placing the hot spot over one end of the heat pipe which becomes the “evaporator” and the heat is transferred to the cooler part of the heatsink where it condenses releasing the heat to the heatsink.

  • Spreads thermal load
  • Surface embedded copper heat pipes
  • Integrated with Fabfin heatsinks
  • Epoxy interface between heatsink and heat pipes


Mixed Metal Air Cooled Heatsinks

When aluminum high performance heatsinks cannot meet the performance required and liquid cooling is not an option, a mixed metal solution should be considered. Weight is a cost driver and a heatsink design that incorporates an aluminum baseplate, copper fins or mixed copper and aluminum fins, provides the highest performance at the lowest cost..

  • Enhances heat spreading for high heat flux applications
  • Increased performance with use of copper
  • Can also apply to dual baseplate
  • Aluminum baseplate with Cu or Al/Cu fins
  • Copper baseplate and aluminum fins
  • Selective use of copper and aluminum fins possible
  • Typically 15 - 25% lower thermal impedance than a bonded solution

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