InPower are technology leaders for intelligent gate drive units for high power IGBT modules with blocking voltages up to 6.5kV.

InPower gate drivers are focused on challenging applications such as transportation (traction), power generation & transmission, industrial drives and power supplies which require the highest reliability combined with excellent performance.

Inpower gate drivers compliment Mitsubishi Electric High Voltage IGBT modules, are ready to use and can easily be customised. The smart drive algorithm, using variable gate resistor values during on and off switching reduces the switch on losses by up to 30% representing an outstanding improvement of your system efficiency.

The gate drive units protect the IGBT modules during the whole switching process by using di/dt-protection, multilevel desaturation protection, feedback-clamping, soft shutdown and other features. Gate drive units may be used in 2-level as well as multilevel typologies. Paralleling of IGBT modules is one of their core strengths.