Liquid Cooled Heatsinks

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Liquid Cooled Heatsink

MERSEN specialise in high performance liquid cooling to achieve guaranteed leak proof liquid cooled cold plates which are robust, corrosion resistant and offer superior thermal performance. Embedded tube and vacuum brazed cold plate designs are available.

Aquasurf® Embedded Tubed Cold Plates

Aquasurf® technology targets low to medium performance requirements at cost effective levels. Flexibility in design, customized tube patterns, two-sided cooling, tube materials are some of the many advantages of the Aquasurf® cold plates. Coolant tubes are embedded in the surface of an aluminum plate to provide the lowest thermal resistance between the semiconductor baseplate and cooling liquid. Tubes can be made into complex arrays to ensure the cooling surface is directly under the semiconductor chips.

  • Cost effective design
  • Flexible tube layout and configurations
  • Lower weight than all copper solution
  • Aluminum, copper and stainless steel tubes available
  • Cooling tubes flush with aluminium plate surface
  • Two-sided cooling possible


Aquamax® Vacuum Brazed Cold Plates

Aquamax® technology uses vacuum brazing to enable production of single piece high performance cold plates with maximum thermal performance. Bespoke water channel design provides uniform temperature across the mounting surface by maximising coolant velocity at low head loss. Precision machining techniques at the vacuum braze, flux free, interface ensures leak and corrosion free construction.

  • Monolithic piece (excellent thermal conductivity)
  • Optimized cooling path with pressure drop low
  • High thermal performances make Aquamax suitable for SiC applications
  • Leak and corrosion free construction to last decades
  • High pressure withstanding
  • Flexibility in flow path designs


Copper-Nickel Vacuum Brazed Cold Plates -  Rugged Cooling for Corrosive Water Environments

In many naval, military, marine or water related treatment plants, the only access to water for cooling of power electronics comes from using on hand corrosive water or water enriched with high levels of oxygen. The use of corrosive non-treated water as a cooling medium in aluminum or copper cold plates can quickly lead to pitting or crevice corrosion inside the cold plate water channels, resulting in leaks and compromised cooling. MERSEN’s Copper Nickel  90/10 and 90/30 alloys vacuum brazed Cold Plates offer superior resistance to seawater and other harsh water applications, eliminating the need for expensive separate coolant loops. MERSEN specialise in vacuum brazing technology to achieve a guaranteed seamless water tight design resulting in an extremely robust and flux free heat sink with excellent thermal performance.

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