POWEREX manufacture a wide range of Power Semiconductors ranging from thyristors and diodes through to IGBT, Silicon Carbide and custom power modules. POWEREX are jointly owned by Mitsubishi Electric and GE. The product portfolio is based on core technologies of:

Thyristor   (Stud Mounted, Capsule, Isolated Base Module)
Diode        (Stud Mounted, Capsule, Isolated Base Module)
Silicon Carbide Modules
Custom Power Modules

Many markets are covered from Industrial, Renewable Energy, Automotive and Traction but also high reliability modules for Aerospace and Defence applications.

Defence, Aerospace and custom product capabilities

POWEREX are uniquely positioned to use the best Semiconductor chips for any given application. This can include chips produced in house, from Mitsubishi Electric or other suppliers in the market if these offer the best solution.

POWEREX have a MIL-qualified facility for Group A, B & C testing, including HAST, IOL, Thermal Cycle, Shock & Vibration and Destructive Physical Analysis.  

POWEREX are ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified, ITAR compliant and registered with the DDTC.

For custom modules achievable standards include:

MIL- STD 810
MIL- STD 202
MIL- STD 750
MIL- STD  833
MIL- PRF 19500
MIL- STD 1580
MIL- PRF 38534