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Isahaya drivers

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ISAHAYA ELECTRONICS (IDC), are a Japanese manufacturer working closely with IGBT suppliers, including Mitsubishi Electric, in the development of products for use with power modules

  • Gate drivers for IGBT modules
  • Interface modules for Intelligent Power Modules (IPM)
  • DC-DC converters and power supplies.

IGBT Drivers include isolated gate drive power supplies, short circuit and error protection outputs signals.  Three forms of Drivers are offered:

IGBT  mountable drivers.   

 Isahaya driver 8Isahaya driver 9Isahaya driver 10

A variety of IGBT drivers for direct mounting onto IGBT modules from manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Semikron, Infineon, Vincotech, Fuji and many more are offered.

Stand- alone IGBT driver cores  

 Isahaya driver 4Isahaya driver 5Isahaya driver 6Isahaya driver 7

Driver Cores utilising Hybrid IC’s offering simple, cost effective and reliable solutions with fast time to market especially for lower volume applications.

 Hybrid IC for integration into customer PCB or control board

 Isahaya driver 1 Isahaya driver 2Isahaya driver 3

Simple, cost effective solutions for a reliable design.

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