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Film Capacitors   

MERSEN Capacitors (formerly Fischer & Tausche and Leclanché) offers a range of Film Capacitors in Axial, Solder, Snap in and Screw connection and custom packages. Target applications are Industrial, Renewable Energy, Medical, high reliability and demanding applications.

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ICEL Film Capacitors


Film Capacitors   

ICEL is specialised in design and production of high reliability power and custom film capacitors with globally recognised high technology and quality. ICEL products are metallized polypropylene and polyester capacitors in box and axial versions for industrial, medical, green energy and traction applications. Founded in 1960 ICEL has the expertise in film capacitors which together with the latest production and testing facilities in Italy ensures first class support to customers.



Polypropylene capacitors have a low dissipation factor, high insulation resistance, high dielectric strength, good long term stability and excellent self-healing properties.  They are typically used in power electronics for AC and pulse applications at high frequencies and as DC-Link capacitors.

  • Axial and Box types; different pin, lug and wire options available
  • Capacitance's up to 175uF
  • Rated Voltages up to 3000Vdc / 750Vac
  • High current, high frequency and high dv/dt types
  • Special designs for Harsh Environment applications
  • Standard and custom types



Polyester capacitors offer high dielectric constant and strength, excellent self-healing, good temperature stability and allow high volume efficiency with moderate cost. Typical usage is in DC applications such as decoupling, blocking and coupling, by-passing, filtering etc

  • Axial and Box types
  • Capacitance's up to 200uF
  • Rated Voltages up to 1500Vdc / 440Vac
  • Axial High Voltage series up to 10000Vdc / 1600Vac

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