Electric Vehicle (EV) and Battery Fuses

Mersen pressed fin heatsinks

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To address the developing markets for Electrification of Vehicles and other systems, MERSEN have developed a wide range of Fuses designed to support DC, Battery Pack, Energy Storage and Electrical Vehicle applications.

JGPL are the designated UK stockists for all MERSON EV and Battery fuses offering both technical and design support plus fast delivery.

Approvals and Standards.

  • Power Cycling & Vibrations: JASO D622
  • IATF - ISO/TS 16949 Quality management undergoing certification

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Battery Pack Fuses

  • DC Voltage ranges 500V, 550V, 700V, 1000V
  • Current ranges 5A to 800A+
  • Wide Variety of sizes and fixings
  • UK stock held by JGPL.

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Battery Module Fuses

M-fuse line-up belongs to the new DC Over-Current protection (O.C.P.) range developed by MERSEN to address specific needs in EV/HEV and Battery Electrical Storage System.
M-fuse provides the ultimate protection of the battery modules offering reliable clearing of DC fault currents.
It has been specifically engineered and tested to provide DC-applications best-in-class protection performance: Up to 100VDC, Current rating (In) = 50 to 200A, Interrupting Rating (IR) = 20kA, L/R ≤1.5ms, Minimum Breaking Capacity (MBC) < 1kA.

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