Automotive Products

Automotive Modules

Automotive Products 


  • Modules for high performance and reliability Inverters in Electric and Hybrid Vehicle applications.
  • 6 pack IGBT topology.
  • Voltage ratings 650V and 1200V.
  • Current ratings 600A to 1000A.
  • Integrated temperature sensing realises high temperature and power cycling capability giving high reliability and long life.
  • Internal structure optimised with Direct Lead Bonding (no bond wires for power connections).
  • Automotive compliant with end of life vehicles directive.
  • High traceability production and supply chain.
  • Mitsubishi have decades of automotive experience and millions of products in the field.


  • Silicon Carbide MOSFETS and Diodes for Automotive and Industrial Applications
  • TO 247 in 2, 3 and 4 pin (Kelvin Source) versions.
  • TO 263-7 surface mount packages in development.
  • Current ratings from 38A to 102A for SiC MOSFET’s. Voltage rating 1200V.
  • High ruggedness against self turn-on, Low switching loss. Negative gate bias allowed.
  • Current ratings from10A to 40A for SiC SBD Diodes. Voltage rating 1200V.
  • High Itsm and low Vf.
  • Automotive and Industrial qualification levels.

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