Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is based at Fukuoka in Japan and manufactures state-of-the-art power semiconductor components. Many are IGBT based, ranging from small general purpose modules through to high voltage, high current products. Other technologies such as diodes and GTO’s are also supported. Mitsubishi is at the forefront of silicon carbide technology and offers a range of products, some of which are hybrid (silicon IGBT with SiC diodes), others fully silicon carbide. The current Mitsubishi general catalogue, and a dedicated SiC catalogue, are both available for download from this page.


Mersen group company, is a French manufacturer of custom-designed busbars. Mersen's products range from simple copper links up to complex laminated structures. Laminated busbars offer low inductance and are often the only practical means to interconnect various parts of the power equipment. In conjunction with Mersen's engineering department, we welcome the opportunity to cooperate in the design of a laminate structure to achieve the optimal solution. Mersen's other products include fuses, cooling solutions and surge protection devices. Catalogues covering some of these products are available for download from here


Powerex manufactures a range of thyristors (phase control and fast switching) and diodes (rectifier and fast recovery). Packages include stud-mounted devices, capsules and power modules. Powerex also offers assemblies and custom power modules utilising various technologies (bipolar, IGBT, mosfet, silicon carbide). The current Powerex catalogues can be downloaded from this page


Exxelia, based in Saint-Nazaire in France and part of the Exxelia group, specialises in electrolytic capacitors. The company manufactures high quality products in three families:

  • Screw terminal
  • Radial solder terminal
  • Axial type

                                                                    The current selection guide for Exxelia capacitors can be downloaded from here (8.4MB)

InPower Systems

InPower Systems offers a range of digital gate drivers for high power IGBT modules. Digital gate drivers offer a very high level of protection compared with more conventional means of driving IGBTs. Drivers are optimised for particular IGBT modules together with the operating conditions of the specific application.



Henkel manufactures various types of thermal interface materials. These are phase-change products where part of the material changes from solid to liquid at certain temperatures. This achieves an excellent thermal interface in a highly controlled manner on the production line.


Isahaya, a Japanese company, works closely with IGBT suppliers, including Mitsubishi Electric, in the development of products for use with power modules. The Isahaya products are mostly hybrid IC’s for interfacing with the power modules or providing the power supplies:

  • Gate drivers for IGBT modules
  • Interface modules for intelligent power modules
  • DC-DC converters and power supplies


The current selection guide for Isahaya products can be downloaded here (3.4MB)

Petercem Sensors

Petercem Sensors, based in Chassieu, France, produces a range of current and voltage sensors.

  • Closed loop Hall effect current sensors
  • Open loop Hall effect current sensors
  • Electronic current sensors
  • Closed loop Hall effect voltage sensors
  • Electronic voltage sensors


The current technical catalogue for Petercem current and voltage sensors can be downloaded from this link (16MB)


Shin-Etsu manufactures a range of silicone-based thermal interface compounds. Some of the main power module manufacturers, including Mitsubishi Electric, recommend the use of Shin-Etsu compounds for mounting the modules. There are alternative performance grades of compound, with the top end providing extremely low thermal impedance. Current Shin-Etsu catalogues may be downloaded from this page
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